UGA building services workers led by an unsung hero

The day-to-day work performed by Tiffany Teasley and her subordinates is an essential part of a functioning University of Georgia campus. In fact, “critical component” might be an understatement. As the Building Services Manager for the university’s FMD Molecular Medicine Building, Campus Transit and Complex Carbohydrates Research Center, Teasley leads a team responsible for cleaning and disinfecting these buildings and resources. campus during the great public health emergency in the United States for more than 100 years. .

The university’s UGA Today recently featured Teasley as part of its “Unsung Heroes of UGA” series. According to the profile, Teasley started her college career as a 23-year-old caretaker for a newly built learning center. Today, she leads her own campus cleaning team, while trying to keep everyone around her in a good mood. Neither is a simple task as the COVID-19 pandemic refuses to slow down.

Teasley told the University Publication that she is able to do her job during the pandemic because her department leadership and the university’s president have given her and everyone she supervises everything. they need to protect themselves and others.

To read Teasley’s full profile, click here.

Darcy W. Kerr